What happens at a party?

Arrival: Everyone meets and gets a cool name tag to show that they are a member of a special group celebrating your child’s BIRTHDAY!

Token Party: Everyone gets their tokens and plays the games, driving, throwing, shooting, playing skill games, all kinds of FUN!.

Combo Party: Everyone heads to the Lazer Tag Vesting Area. You get a short introduction to Lazer tag. Get fitted with your Lazer Tag Battle Vest and get issued with your Lazer Tag Battle Phaser. Then it’s in to the Lazer Tag Arena. After that it’s up to you, keep your eyes open. Good luck and straight shooting.

Then! Get your tokens and play the games.

Prize Time (token parties only):  When the games are finished everyone goes to the prize counter and gets their reward for the great job they did playing the games.

Celebrating: Everyone assembles in the party area for food (optional) &cake.  Then everyone gets their party favours and sings happy birthday.  Now  it’s time for the presents.
Boo Hoo, the Party is over, until next time.